5 Signs It’s Time to Rebrand

Thinking about a rebrand? As your business grows and you gain more experience, rebranding is a natural step. A rebrand not only focuses on your visuals, like your logo and marketing materials but helps position your company for future growth and expansion. Not sure if you’re ready? Here are 5 signs that it might be time for your company to rebrand.

5 signs it's time to rebrand by Do You Branding - a Philadelphia brand and logo designer

1. Your Niche Has Changed

If you’re offering different services than you were a few years ago, it’s time to update! For example, you may have started out as a wedding photographer, but realize you like taking family photos a lot more. If your website and logo scream weddings, people might not even know you take family pictures. If your visuals, copy, and marketing materials don’t align with the niche you are targeting, it’s time for a rebrand!

2. You Want to Connect With A New Audience

Instead of narrowing or completely changing your niche, you might actually want to expand your services to more people. Maybe you have a great new product or service you want to offer, but your current brand doesn’t focus on the audience that would buy it. Rebranding will help you identify how to get in front of and connect with the people that want to buy what you have to offer.

3. You Aren’t Getting Any Clients

Are you struggling to get clients? Wondering why it seems like every client you do get is difficult to work with? If this sounds like you, it’s likely because your brand is not speaking to the right people. Branding is more than just logo design and visuals. Your brand should speak directly to your ideal client and let them know exactly why they should choose you to solve their problems.

4. You Find Your Brand Embarrassing

Do you cringe when someone asks for your business card? Absolutely hate your headshot? When someone asks for your website URL, do you follow up with, “Don’t mind how horrible it looks!”

If that’s the case, then it’s definitely time to rebrand! If you find your brand cringeworthy, that’s not giving a good first impression to potential customers You should be proud to show these things off, not embarrassed by how they look.

5. You’ve Never Worked With A Professional

We love a good DIY and there’s nothing wrong with that when you’re just getting started. But now that you’re a few years into running your business, it might be time to elevate to something more professional. Working with a branding expert can elevate your business to new levels.

Rebranding may be necessary in order to get in front of the right audience and expand your business. Is your small business ready for a rebrand? Contact us today to chat!


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