5 Tips for Branding E-Commerce Sites

Looking to sell more online? Branding is important. Here are 5 tips for branding your e-commerce site.

5 tips for branding e-commerce websites by Do You Branding

1. Think About Your Users

The goal with branding is to create something that connects to a specific type of person – the one that will buy your products! In order to do this, you need to think about the type of people they are.

  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • Where do they live?
  • How old are they?

These are just a few questions you’ll want to answer about your customer. The more information you have about your customer, the more targeted your branding will become.

2. Choose the Right Keywords

Although it would be nice, people, unfortunately, won’t just magically land on your website. That’s why targeting keywords is important.

Not sure what keywords to target? Think about the questions that your customer might have. What would they put into search? Those are the keywords that you should go after and the topics you should cover on your website.

3. Use The Right Colors

Color psychology can play a big part in e-commerce websites. The colors that you choose for buttons, headlines, backgrounds, and more can play a role in whether or not people buy from you. For example:

  • The color red can trigger action
  • Green is generally associated with the environment
  • Blue can bring a sense of calm

For consistent branding, it’s important to use the same colors throughout. Once you’ve figured out your color palette, stick to it.

4. Improve Your Images

The style of your photos should fit in with your branding. For example, if your brand is colorful, it wouldn’t make sense to use black and white photos. When thinking about images, it’s important to think about your brand and the mood it delivers.

Since people can’t physically hold or see your products in person, high quality images are vital to an e-commerce website. Photograph your products at multiple angles and give your customers real life examples of them in use. If you’re selling clothing, having a model wear the piece (or even multiple models!) gives people a better idea of what it could look like on themselves.

5. Show Reviews

No matter what the price or product, I always read reviews before making a purchase online. And I’m not alone. The majority of shoppers surveyed read between one and ten reviews before making a purchase decision.

Reputation is a huge part of branding. Showcasing positive reviews of your products on your website will help reinforce that you are a great company to buy from.


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