5 Tips to Get Your Website In Order

Your website is the best online marketing tool you have for your business! Is it time to get your website in order? Here are 5 tips to make it easier.

tips to get your website in order by Do You Branding - a logo design and branding agency in Philadelphia

1. Pick the Right Domain

Remember dontdatehimgirl.com? If not, then check them out! While the domain is catchy and memorable, it may cause a hindrance when it comes to scaling the business in the future. It all depends on the target audience. The same could be true for your domain. If the domain needs to be updated, don’t afraid to do so. Say if you own the .info or .net version of your domain already, check to see if the .com is available and buy that too. You can easily redirect traffic from one domain to another.

2. Get Better Hosting

Time to get those hosting speeds lighting fast. There are great hosting plans out there, but I prefer our partner, KnownHost. They offer very fast domain speeds and if you decided to work with them, you get a free domain!

3. Check Your Website Speed

Website speed is the number one reason visitors leave your site. Period. I know it’s something we all struggle with. Did you know there is a tool that checks your website speed for free? GT Metrix checks your website’s load times. Test your website speed today: https://gtmetrix.com/

4. Organize Website Content

Are you selling products or services on your website? If so, it’s supposed to be easy for your audience to find out what you’re selling. Visitors need to clearly and effectively navigate your website. Take some time and go through your current offers to see if they make sense for your business now. If they don’t then update the content on your website.

5. Update Your Website Design

WordPress themes are so 2015. It’s time to get on board with page builders. Page builders let you customize every element of your website, so you get exactly what you need to run your business with style.

Like our website design? It was built using the Elementor Page Builder. Used by over 8 million people, it’s the #1 page builder for WordPress.

*P.S. This post contains affiliate links so I’ll receive a commission if you decide to purchase at no cost to you!⁠


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