Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

Having a great website is one of the best assets a small business can have. Below are 5 web design tips for small business owners, from a professional web designer.

5 tips for a professional website for small businesses by Do You Branding

1. Make Sure You’re Using White Space

Good use of white space will make your site look more professional and polished. When elements are on top of each other, it makes your site harder to read.

Example of poor white space vs. good white space
See the difference between these two examples? The example on the left is much harder to read than the example on the right.

2. Add A Site Icon

This small addition makes a big difference! A site icon (sometimes called a favicon) is the little icon that you see in your browser. This helps establish your identity and is great for branding.

If you have a WordPress site, customizing your site icon is easy.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Appearance > Customize
  • Click on General Settings, then upload your site icon

3. Edit Your Content

While you may think that having a ton of content is a good thing, it’s often just the opposite. One, people aren’t going to read long paragraphs of text, and two, slapping long paragraphs of content on a page makes it look like the page wasn’t carefully thought out. The most professional looking websites say what they need to say using as few words as possible.

Our recommendation: Write your content, edit it, wait a few days, then go back and edit it again. You’ll likely find that you can remove a lot of that extra fluff you originally started with and what will be left is only important information.

4. Get Professional, Branded Images

Stock photos have their purpose for things like blog posts or Pinterest graphics, but if you really want to take your website to the next level, it’s time for a branded photoshoot. These photos will instantly elevate your design and make your small business look legit.

If you don’t currently have the budget to hire a professional, don’t be scared to DIY. Here are some tips if you go that route:

  • No selfie angles! Have a friend or family member take the picture for you.
  • Take your photos in a well lit area. Natural light works best, so try outside or by a big window.
  • “Stage” the photo, meaning clean up your area and add props to your background to make it more interesting.
  • Pay attention to details like hair, clothing, and jewelry to get a more professional look.

5. Get A Professional Email Address

Having an email address branded with your domain name makes you look much more professional than when you use a free service like Gmail or Yahoo. We recommend using Google Workspace, which not only will give you an email address with your domain name, but gives you access to tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and more, for around $5 per month.


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